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I’m into a lot of things. But for starters, this is going to be about the collected works of Stephen King, culminating in his “Dark Tower” series.

My title gives homage to one of the themes that he explored in the novel Hearts in Atlantis: The Game of Hearts

(Wikipedia discussion of the game of Hearts.)

Sadly, the movie “Hearts In Atlantis” (2001) ignored the second half of the novel. In the movie, references to The Beam, The Dark Tower, The Breakers, and much of the rest of his pantheon of continuing themes and characters can be found, but only when you read the novel will you encounter the obsessive playing of “Hearts” . It is device this that throws a ray of light into the closet that is Stephen King’s darkest creation, and his secret obsession.

It is through the novel’s exploration of the game “Hearts” and the dread fascination the Queen of Spades holds for the players, that we can see why fate is the what we hunt, while at the same time it hunts us.

No matter what our life gives us, we all have a choice. Somewhere in our life there is “The Bitch”, our fate. We can run from her, or we can seek her out. Often, she will drag us into the pits of despair. But sometimes, she pretends to allow us to master her, and she will deliver us our dreams.

There is no avoiding her.

All we can do is hunt her, or be hunted by her.

Are you going to Shoot the moon?



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