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Bluefin in peril? August 30, 2007

Posted by thebeam in Our declining planet.
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GrrlScientist is one of the many great life scientists out there who make the effort to present the latest research from their fields to the lay public.

Her recent post, Sorry Charlie: Bluefin Tuna Ready to Become Dodos of the Sea highlights just one of the many threats facing our food supply. Using data gathered by a professional tuna grader, the decline in the quality of the tuna catch over the last decade is clearly shown. The obvious implication is that overfishing is the primary culprit, but the researchers also point to other factors, such as a possible decline in the quality of the herring that tuna feed upon.

In the long term, until we become more aware of just how perilous the situation is, and we start pressuring our lawmakers to protect the long-term interests of the human race as opposed to the immediate profits of industries, we’re likely going to be seeing more of this kind of story come out.

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