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Disappointing Song July 11, 2006

Posted by thebeam in The Highways.

I finished reading Song of Susannah a few days ago (book VI of the Dark Tower) and must admit that I was disappointed. At 544 pages, it should have seemed longer, but I felt that I had been ripped off by the lack of narrative/story when compared to the wealth offered in the pages of Wolves of the Calla.

Maybe my disappointment comes from the (seemingly) way that King is bringing the tale to a close. I haven’t read the last book of the series (and please don’t tell me how it goes) but when King brought himself into the book as a character for the better part of a hundred pages, I was struggling with the uneasy feeling that he was trying to prematurely kill off an story-arc that had grown too big for him to handle.

For the last 15 years or so, the weaving of his Dark Tower arc through most of his stories has been a constant. Whether it was the “Low Men in Yellow Coats” of Hearts In Atlantis, or “The Turtle” that makes an appearance in It, the points of common connection are there. Even in stories that have no common references, the theme watches over the reader, or at least so it has felt to me for quite some time now.

As a palliative, I’ve gone back to The Talisman and am now about 80% of the way through it’s sequel, Black House. The familiar beckons, the doorways beckon, all is well.

I hope I’m premature in feeling that the end of The Tower is in sight.

Life and Hearts is in session. Are you ready to “Hunt the bitch?”



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