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The Concrete Gorge? February 7, 2006

Posted by thebeam in The Byways.

Our relationship with the minerals from the Earth may define both the start, and the end, of our dominion over the Earth. Maybe it is fitting that the Olduvai Gorge can be found at both limits. Such is destiny.

Back in 1959, Mary and Louis Leakey were excavating anthropological sites in a region of Tanzania called “The Olduvai Gorge”. By digging through the volcanic ash strata, they uncovered some of the oldest traces of man’s existence on Earth. Along with fossil remains for various hominids (representatives of the species Proconsul , Australopithecus/Paranthropus and Homo) they also came across some worked stone and the associated chips that demonstrated that these ‘men’ had made the great leap that placed them firmly in modern history.

What the Leakeys had discovered were the tools for shaping our environment.

Scientists have long argued that one of the milestones that marked the ascent of Man from his ancestors was the use of tools. Our puny bodies were no match in any number of physical traits that the animals around us possessed. And ‘thinking great thoughts’ didn’t put food on the table, nor hold back the cold. But by using tools, we were able to gain the critical advantage that allowed us to rise to the top of the heap.



You found her! February 6, 2006

Posted by thebeam in The Byways.
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Welcome to Hunting the bitch. At it’s heart, this will be the world viewed with Stephen King colored glasses. I’m going to go about this the long way at times, with science, politics, sex and religion all fair game. Don’t be surprised if somewhere along the way you have to put on a propeller beanie, get out the slip-stick, down some Jolt, and start to think geek.